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Need a Nutrition Coach to Speak for Your Event?

After 20 years being a nutrition coach, I consider speaking and sharing knowledge to be one of the greatest uses of my time. Whether it’s a class for your employees so that they can continue to gather tools to support their physical and mental health, or continued education for other wellness practitioners, it’s an honor to share information to improve the health of our community.  

My teaching sessions are designed around various topics to help attendees better understand how their own mind and bodies work, and leave with strategies to inspire healthier living.  Nutrition Coaching Sessions for clinicians will develop their knowledge of the mind-body connection and how it works, learning to see and treat each patient or client as a whole being.  

The nutrition coach teaching method I use, includes evidence based facts along with wisdom gained through my work with clients to help provide ideas for how to put these facts into practice.  As a licensed mental health provider and a board certified nutrition therapist in combination with three years of additional clinical education in functional medicine, I believe this unique background sets me apart as a speaker and educator.  

I am available for corporate lunch and learn classes, keynotes, as well as weekend workshops for other professionals. There are topics included here, and I will also work with you to develop custom content based on your areas of interest or need.

Speaking Topics:


  • The Gut-Brain Connection

Did you know there are millions of nerve endings in your gut?  It’s true!  And all these nerve endings communicate between the gut and the brain.  Many people don’t realize that the gut microbiome (all the bacteria in the digestive system) deeply influences our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  In this nutrition class, you’ll learn more about this, along with strategies to help improve the gut-brain connection!

  • Food & Mood; how to boost mood naturally
  • Balance Hormones Naturally
  • How to Transform Stress
  • What a Detox Really Does
  • Unwinding Emotional Eating
  • Mindfulness in the Midst of Chaos
  • Understanding Blood Sugar and Metabolism


I’ve been working with Brooke for the past 3 years and she has been a shining light! She has done multiple presentations for Johnson County Park and Recreation District and many of our Kansas City Corporate Challenge participating companies. When the pandemic hit, Brooke was amazing at being flexible and modifying sessions to go virtual to continue to provide her services. She’s always stayed with the current trends and has fresh content while keeping participants engaged throughout her sessions. We will continue to work with Brooke for future speaking engagements.

Alison Smith