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Evolve Wellness KC

Transforming Health & Wellbeing From Inside Out With Functional Medicine

You read that correctly. Functional Medicine can help from the inside out. 

Never-ending to-do lists, caregiving commitments, parenting, marriage, a demanding career—on the outside it seems like you have it all together. But are racing thoughts, a churning gut, underlying relationship troubles or the inability to relax telling a different story? 

Anxiety, pain, digestive distress, low energy, brain fog and grumpy moods can overwhelm your sense of peace, disrupt focus and hurt your ability to connect with your loved ones in the way you would like.

We can help by using functional medicine.

Get to the Root of Your Distress

Through a powerful, individualized combination of nutritional functional medicine and counseling, we get to the root of your stress, helping you improve sleep, digestion, mood and energy and strengthen key relationships. You’ll: 

  • Acquire the insights, knowledge and skills to manage conflict, ease stress and experience more calm every day
  • Unravel stored trauma and address environmental factors to reduce anxiety and overwhelm
  • Improve gut health, sleep, moods and hormone balance through diet and lifestyle adjustments
  • Learn to manage your physical and mental health for empowered, long-lasting healing.

Kansas City’s Source for Functional Medicine with Nutrition & Counseling

Hi, I’m Brooke. As a functional nutrition practitioner and licensed professional counselor, I‘ll help you overcome anxiety and other health issues by identifying the root cause of your symptoms, guide you toward healing and give you the skills to create an environment and lifestyle that supports all aspects of your wellbeing. Learn more

“I’d been fighting fatigue, digestive issues, skin issues, anxiety, depression, brain fog and weight issues off and on for a very long time. I was tired of using prescriptions as temporary bandaids and never getting to the root cause of the problems. I am more clear-headed, energized, and optimistic than I have been in years and I feel like my body is finally working the way it’s supposed to again. Thank you, Brooke!”

Taking the First Step is Easy

We know you’re moving in a million directions, which is why we make it easy for you to move into your wellness journey right away!

  1. Got questions? Schedule a 20-minute complimentary discovery call to learn if our integrative model of healing is right for you.

  2. Schedule Your Case Review or Initial Counseling Appointment. We’ll go over your paperwork and assess all areas of your life to determine an initial plan that makes sense for you.

  3. A Plan of Action Tailored Just for You. We’ll continue to support you throughout the process as you shift into a new mindset and adopt new habits using functional medicine!

Need A Nutrition Coach?

With over 20 years, Brooke loves to speak and share her knowledge on nutrition. If you need a class for your employees or support for you own goals, contact Brooke today! In this class you’ll learn how food affects your mood, how to balance your hormones, what a detox really can do and more!