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Brooke Seiz is a licensed professional counselor, board certified in holistic nutrition, and certified in functional medicine.  She believes that physical and emotional health are intertwined and that if we address the mind and body as a whole, we’ll live an inspired life.  

Brooke believes that when you find the root causes for why you’re not feeling optimal and know what to do about them, you’ll feel empowered.  You’ll be able to show up for your life as you desire.

As a mother of 3, Brooke Seiz is so grateful that she found her own root causes so that she can strive to show up as the Mom she wants to be.  It wasn’t always clear….. She had her own health journey and dealt with:

  • Years of Hives and Skin Reactions
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Problems
  • Fatigue and Low Energy
  • Bloating and Constipation 
  • Binge and Emotional Eating
  • Food Addiction

Brooke used to be a mess.  She really didn’t know how much of a mess she was until she wasn’t.  Her friends and family couldn’t see it, but inside Brooke was wound tight… her heart would race, and she worried about EVERYTHING. 

When Brooke Seiz discovered functional medicine and nutrition, and learned that there are ways to address the root causes of her problems, she was so relieved.  This led to a burning desire to learn everything she could in order to help others transform their own health.

Brooke Seiz - Nutrtion Coach - Functional Medicine - Counseling - EvolveWelllness.com

Here’s three things I really believe in, that maybe you can relate to:

1. It’s Not Just In Your Head

You’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and can’t sleep.  You’ve read articles about functional medicine, and how there can be root causes in the body that cause you to feel the way you do and affect your brain.  But, when you open up about all of this to a friend, they tell you to find ways to reduce stress.


So not helpful, right?!  If we could reduce the stressors, we’d certainly try.  But, often we can’t reduce the stressors but we can find ways to process the nervous system response to those stressors.  In addition, we can identify the root causes likely at play making you feel like you can’t get off the hamster wheel.  Identifying these is also a vital step in any healing journey.  

2. You don’t have to figure it out alone!

Many of my clients show up trying to piece together health information they’ve gotten from various providers as they pore over google research on their own.  Already feeling like crap, they’re getting exhausted as they try to put their own health puzzle together.  

So much of our lives is often done working tirelessly and alone, but this health recovery does not have to be that way.  It IS possible to have a partnership with a health practitioner, who will listen, support, and give you step-by-step approaches to help you reach your goals.  You deserve to have a supportive and empowering health journey.

3. Your Anxiety and Gut Problems are Connected

When I first went to a functional nutrition provider when I was feeling like an anxious mess, she started by testing my gut.  I wasn’t sure why, but at that point I was ready to try anything.  Upon getting the results and starting the plan she laid out for me, I couldn’t believe that within a month, I was 50% calmer both in mind and body.

Hippocrates said that the gut is the root of all health, and it’s true.  More than 95% of your serotonin, that feel good neurotransmitter, is made in the gut!  Slight imbalances to the microbiome can change our hormone and neurotransmitter levels, not to mention how we’re fueling our brain and body from the foods we eat.  By both addressing your emotional health AND your physical health in combination, you can truly evolve into the inspired life you deserve.

If you’ve been struggling, and are ready to find answers, I can help you troubleshoot some of the root causes that may be at play, and give you some tips to get started.

What People Say

Brooke has helped me find the source of issues I’ve been struggling with for years. I’ve been fighting fatigue, digestive issues, skin issues, anxiety, depression, brain fog and weight issues off and on for a very long time and I was tired of using prescriptions as temporary bandaids and never getting to the root cause of the problems. I have felt silenced, let down, and blown off by doctors for so long.

Brooke actually paid attention to all of my complaints and did everything necessary to find the source of my problems and come up with effective solutions. Once she identified the issues with lab tests (most of which I was able to do from home), she helped me fix my issues with just diet, vitamins and temporary supplements. I was on as many as 9 prescriptions before I started working with Brooke.

Now I’m on just one prescription and am phasing out the supplements. I no longer feel like it’s all in my head or like I’m a failure because I can’t function like everyone else. Without Brooke’s insight, I’d still be stuck in a depressing cycle of doctors and prescriptions and guesses and dead ends, feeling like there was no hope and no way out. I am more clear-headed, energized and optimistic than I have been in years and I feel like my body is finally working the way its supposed to again. Thank you, Brooke!

– Robin

I was having a terrible time getting relief from abdominal bloating and pain.  I had gone to several practitioners with no relief.  I went to see Brooke for menopause issues of memory loss and hot flashes, but was pleasantly surprised that she was the first person that I had talked to who really understood what I was going through and actually had advice and a plan that could help me.  Not only have I been able to resolve my abdominal issues but also I have more energy, more focus, and my memory is so much better because of Brooke’s knowledge and assistance.  I have recommended Brooke to several people.

– Julie

I am not exaggerating when I say that Brooke saved my life. Shortly after having my first son, my health started failing. I had zero energy, my hair was falling out and I was white as a ghost. I could barely get out of bed and felt so much sadness that this was how I was spending my first year with my baby. I saw every doctor under the sun over the course of 18 months or so and they found…..nothing wrong with me. I found Brooke, and she solved the puzzle that none of my medical doctors could. It took a while to heal all the damage that had been done to my gut, but pretty soon I was back to my old self! To me, Brooke is an angel on earth, using her vast knowledge to heal the otherwise un- healable. Plus, she does it with humor and grace and is all around a wonderful person to have on your team. 

– Megan

I was dealing with a lot of bloating and nobody could figure out why.  I was shipped around to my primary doctor, the OB, and the GI doc, only to be told nothing was wrong with me.  One call to Brooke and she knew it had to be SIBO, which a test confirmed it was.  I am so grateful to have had somewhere to turn when everyone else thought I was crazy, when my symptoms seemed like something I would never recover from.  

– Megan

I am asthmatic and have many complex dietary, grass and animal sensitivities. So when my allergy physician retired, I turned to Brooke for complete functional nutrition care.  She immediately outlined a program for me, making my transition seamless to her care as a provider. She is incredibly knowledgeable and available for any care questions. I highly recommend Brooke! 

– Sheryl