Is Hormonal Imbalance Disrupting Your Life?

Hormonal imbalance can make it feel as if your body is out to get you. Common symptoms include constipation, bloating, fatigue, anxiety, PMS, acne, low libido, mood swings, and food cravings.


If you’re like many women, you’ve tried all kinds of things to feel better, including:

  • Restrictive diet changes that promised relief.
  • Expensive supplements that didn’t work.
  • Regular exercise (but still too bloated to fit into your favorite pair of jeans).
  • Avoiding social events out of fear of facing problematic foods. 
  • Prescription medications that addressed one issue only to cause another.


It’s time to find the missing piece of the puzzle. I can help.


Certified in functional medicine, holistic nutrition and counseling, I help women just like you identify the root causes of frustrating hormonal imbalance and get back to optimal living. Learn more about how I overcame my own overwhelming health issues. [link to about page]


“I went to see Brooke for menopause-related memory loss and hot flashes. I’d also been having a terrible time getting relief from abdominal bloating and pain. She was the first practitioner I talked to who really understood what I was going through and actually had advice and a plan to help me. Not only have I been able to resolve my abdominal issues, but I also have more energy, more focus and my memory is so much better thanks to Brooke’s knowledge and assistance.” ~ Julie

Hormonal imbalance

Let’s Talk.

Reclaim Your Vitality

  1. Free 20-minute discovery call. I’ll listen carefully to your story and we’ll discuss the common culprits that could be contributing to your health concerns.


  1. Comprehensive case review. During your first appointment, I’ll review your complete health history with recommendations for the best next steps, including lab work, health coaching to support dietary/lifestyle changes, and counseling to address nervous system dysregulation and trauma.


  1. Customized plan of action. After reviewing your labs, you’ll receive a plan designed just for you to help fix the root causes of your issues for good, including easy-to-follow instructions, recipes and everything else you’ll need. Follow-ups are scheduled as needed. 
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You Don’t Have to “Just Live” With Hormonal Imbalance.

If you’re tired of feeling miserable, feeling dismissed by practitioners who’ve told you that hormone imbalance is just part of aging, it’s time we talked. With the right solution in place, you’ll:

  • Get rid of the bloating, gas, constipation, anxiety and hormonal symptoms for good.
  • Identify healthy foods you can enjoy without fear of what will happen in your body.
  • Ditch the endless worrying about your health so you can focus on the things in life that inspire and bring you joy. 


Contact me today. 


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